Transform any ordinary backyard barbecue into a true work of art!


The first step toward creating the backyard kitchen of your dreams is to determine which components you would like included in your design.


The second step is broken down into three smaller steps.

1. Sketch Your Design
2. Render 3D Drawings
3. Build Cabinets


The final step in achieving your backyard kitchen dreams is to select the veneer and counter top materials that you like the most.

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Experience with RT 7 Supply

At RT 7 Supply, we believe that your backyard is an extension of your home. It’s not just a space but a lifestyle. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you transform your outdoor living space into a focal point of comfort, entertainment, and aesthetic elegance.

Our approach merges functionality with creativity, giving your BBQ parties a bold, artistic touch. The first step revolves around identifying the key elements you want to integrate into your design. Whether it’s a luxurious outdoor kitchen or a cozy fireplace, we’ve got you covered.

The design process entails sketching, rendering 3D drawings, and building cabinets – a three-phase operation aimed at bringing your ideas to life. Witness your barren backyard metamorphose into your dream outdoor space, meticulously crafted to reflect your personal style.

The final touch involves selecting the top-tier veneer and counter-top materials that suit your taste the most. With a diverse array of materials at your disposal, your options are near limitless.

Whether you’re envisioning grandeur or contemporary minimalism, let RT 7 Supply be your partner in enhancing your outdoor living experience. Contact us today to design your dream outdoor space.

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