Polymeric Sand

High-Quality Polymeric Sand for Ridgefield, CT and Surrounding Areas

Looking for the perfect solution to keep your paver joints strong and beautiful? At Route 7 Mason Supply, we offer high-quality polymeric sand for our Ridgefield, CT customers and neighbors in nearby Fairfield County areas. Our poly sand provides several benefits that go above and beyond regular sand, keeping your paver joints intact and looking great.

Gator Maxx Sand G2 Polysand: A first-rate choice for proficiently interlocking your pavers and resisting washout, weed growth, and ant intrusion. Its superior bonding capability and durability make it an excellent fit for various hardscape applications.

SRW Z3 Polysand: For jobs demanding extra resistance to water erosion and heightened durability, SRW Z3 Polysand leads the pack. This superior-quality poly-sand is apt for a comprehensive range of paving installations.

SRW WetLok Permeable Jointing Sand: An eco-friendly selection, especially crafted for permeable pavement systems. This poly-sand not only contributes to sustainable rainwater management but also robustly binds paving stones, curbing weed growth and insect infestation.

The benefits of polymeric sand include its ability to resist washing out during storms and to prevent weed growth between pavers. Comparatively, regular sand alone lacks these advantages. So why not give our poly sand a try? We’re here to help you succeed in your landscaping and masonry projects, and we’re proud to serve the beautiful communities of Ridgefield, CT and surrounding Fairfield County areas. Reach out to us for more information, and let’s get started on upgrading your outdoor spaces together!

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