Winter Products

Reliable Winter Solutions for Ridgefield, CT and Nearby Fairfield County Areas

Winter weather can be tough on your exteriors, and we at RT7 Supply are dedicated to helping you safely navigate these challenging seasons. That’s why we offer an expansive range of winter products, designed to cater to your diverse winter needs effectively.

Our Winter Products collection includes:

Bulk Rock Salt: An essential for winter safety, our rock salt effectively melts ice and snow, providing safer sidewalks, driveways, and paths.

Bulk Salt and Sand Mix: Combining the ice melting power of salt and the added traction from sand, this blend is perfect for managing icy conditions.

Bulk Treated Salt: With enhanced ice melting capabilities, our treated salt is your off-the-shelf solution for managing even the most severe winter conditions.

Winter Warrior Ice Melt: Fight the snowy winters with our potent ice melt. Designed for efficiency, it accelerates the melting process, cutting through ice buildup quickly.

Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets: An optimal solution for rapid ice melting. These pellets are exothermic, releasing heat to quickly melt snow and ice.

Firewood: Keep your spaces warm and cozy with our high-quality firewood. Perfect for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit.

Snow Shovels: Offering durability and comfort, our range of snow shovels aids in swift snow removal from your property.

We’re proud to provide practical solutions for the cold seasons to residents of Ridgefield, CT, and neighboring Fairfield County areas. Route 7 Mason Supply understands local winter conditions – we’re here to help our community stay safe and warm, year after year.

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