Masonry Sealers and Cleaners

Pristine Surfaces & Longer Lifespan: Our Sealers and Cleaners

Preserving the pristine look and longevity of your construction and landscape installations is a top priority. We carry a comprehensive collection of top-notch sealers and cleaners designed to uphold the durability and aesthetic appeal of your structures. Experience the perfect blend of effectiveness and easy application with our range of sealers and cleaners, designed to give your structures the protection they need in Fairfield County, including Ridgefield, CT.

Enviro-Shield 40: This exceptionally-performing sealer offers extensive protection to porous surfaces, combating efflorescence, mildew, atmospheric staining, and freeze-thaw damage.

Klere-Treat WB Siloxane: Enhance your concrete surfaces with this concentrate of siloxane. It’s proven to resist chloride ions, water infiltration, freeze-thaw damage, and masonry erosion.

Salt Block WB Saltguard: A water-based, silane/siloxane solution designed to defend your exterior or interior horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces from chloride salts, freeze-thaw conditions, de-icing salts, and water penetration.

Crystal Clear Stone Sealer: A transparent sealer for natural stones. It provides optimal protection to your structures against severe climatic conditions, and normal wear and tear.

AC-3 Masonry Cleaning Compound, Muriatic Acid, and Gets Rust Off : These cleaning agents are formulated to eviscerate challenging rust stains, grime, and various deposits without compromising the integrity of your surfaces.

At Route 7 Mason Supply, we’re committed to preserving the beauty and structural integrity of your landscaping and masonry projects for years to come. As your trusted local partner, we provide clear, concise information about our products and services, always with a friendly and inviting approach. We encourage customers in Ridgefield, CT, and surrounding Fairfield County areas to share their projects and reach out for expert advice – we’re here to support every step of your journey.

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